Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They Are All Gone Now

With the passing of Ted at the age of 77, the Kennedy boys are one with the Ages. A huge chapter in American political history is closed. There many things about Ted I had no admiration of…particularly his personal life and resulting scandals, but he grew into his own after living in the shadow and legend of his brothers Jack and Bobby.

One thing Ted Kennedy did that I did that in my opinion was truly great and a truly a good thing for the Republic, was the Freedom of information Act. What a great research tool it has become! It has become a great boon to researchers of everything involving our government’s activities, particularly all things covert. It was the best tool that ever came along for Kennedy assassination investigators. The late, great Harold Weisberg’s FOIA suit resulted in uncovering the Warren Commission’s secret, January 22, 1963 meeting where they decided to put the lock-down on any investigation into conspiracy and went with the Lee Oswald as the lone assassin. (It seems somebody failed to destroy a stenographer’s tape.) While Ted was as mysteriously silent as the rest of the Kennedy family in regards to the deaths of John and Robert, the FOIA legislation opens a back door to the issue. Perhaps a subtle way Ted got payback for his brother’s murders?

Not mater, the truth is out there and we have a clearer path for finding it. While the Freedom of information Act has not unearthed any great revelations, certainly minor ones have emerged. And the potential is there for something explosive to emerge. Right now, author Jeff Morley, author of Our Man in Mexico, has been battling the CIA for months via the FOIA for records on deceased CIA officer George Joannides. Joannides was in charge financing and training for the anti Castro group, the DRE. (Lee Oswald would approach them to offer training too. Odd, since he was a public supporter of Castro!) Later, Joannides was photographed in the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel the very night of Robert Kennedy’s assassination. The CIA as usual, is fighting the release of information long after all parties involved are long gone. If not for Ted Kennedy’s legislation, researchers would not have the means to direct their inquires and get access to files.

RIP Ted Kennedy.

Sources: McKnight, Gerald, Breach of Trust
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