Monday, May 16, 2011

Bugliosi Takes To The Airwaves

Vincent Bugliosi is out hawking a new book, Divinity of Doubt: The God Question
and appeared recently on the Alex Jones show. The former LA prosector gained fame in the late 1960s for putting away Charlie Manson and his gang for the Tate-Labianca murders. Years later Bugliosi gained the ire of JFK conspiracy researchers with his 2007 book, Reclaiming History. Ever boastful, Bugliosi called this 1600+ book (plus over 900 pages on CD-ROM) his “Magnus Opus” on the JKF assassination and did so once again on Jones’ radio program. The book itself is rightly referred to as a door stop and it belly flopped in the marketplace. It is no longer in print.

There is something basically smarmy about Bugliosi with his high-pitched slick talking lawyer swag. His arguing style, and to a certain extent, his writing style about the assassination bare similarity to that of a stage magician with slight of hand tricks and a pretty leggy model on side. Throw in some straw men to shoot down, plus an added dose of vitriol towards naysayers (i.e., conspiracy theorists) and the naivety of an audience that might not be familiar the particulars in the case, and he comes off looking sharp and on-game. I’ve called him the “King of the cherry pickers” as he often picks the evidence that supports the Warren Commissions’s lone gunman conclusion and largely ignores (when not discrediting) any contrary evidence.

Alex Jones tried to get Bugliosi to talk some about other issues, particularly the Kennedy assassination, but it quickly became apparent that Bugliosi didn’t want to entertain the notion, stating the lack of time to properly get into the issue. Jones did get him to talk about the shots from the grassy knoll, getting the standard reply, “There is no evidence of anybody seeing a shooter on the grassy knoll.” More on that in a few paragraphs.

But take notice of Bugliosi’s modus operandi–he says there is nobody seeing a shooter on the knoll. But what about the witnesses that heard shots coming from the knoll? He ignores them using the classic Bugliosi pass. The fact is, there are over fifty people that heard shots from knoll; everybody from Abraham Zapruder making his famous film, to Phil Willis whose photographs appeared in Look magazine to Bill and Gayle Newman lying on the curb protecting their children from shots they say they heard coming from the knoll. As it happens, too many to mention here.

This very similar to how Bugliosi dismisses the whole idea of there being a shooter on the knoll at all. He does this by stating the shooter has the wrong angle and that the kill shot would have passed through Kennedy’s head from ear to ear, rather than laterally from the front to back. Seems reasonable upon first assessment and I have to admit I was taken in by this when I first read it. But there is a catch–Bugliosi places the shooter in the wrong position behind the picket fence to being with! He does not believe any witness testimony so invents this scheme. My grandmother used to call this, “Having your cake and eating it too.” Indeed. Beware of this man’s arguments as they appear well upon first glance, but fade when more light is focused upon them.

Going back to the witnesses that saw activity on the grassy knoll, Tip O’Neill, on page 178 in his book, “Man of the House” cites both Kennedy aides Dave Powers and Kenny O’Donnell as saying they saw smoke rising from behind the picket fence on the knoll. And most importantly, they both heard shots coming from behind the fence as well.

However, the Master Cherry Picker not need ponder such difficulties. The song and dance must go on.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

High Noon In Badville

“Madmen in power always need a fictitious ‘evil’ enemy to keep the game of war going, and keep the money flowing. Government is only able to grow and become more powerful by scaring the people about an outside enemy that is almost always manufactured and hyped by the government itself.”

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator

I’ll give the the group that bumped JFK off one thing–at least they stuck to their story, flawed though it is, down through the decades. With the Mob hit on Osama bin Laden the official story had changed so many times one can’t help but think of the great bulk of malfeasance at work. On the face of it, much worse than the Kennedy assassination cover-up and the lies the public were told about that. An ill fated attempt at closure was remedied, but eventually ground to a halt. That seems to be the attempt here but it is so bizarrely imposed to make one wonder what precisely they are thinking. Are the adults still in charge?

By now, all are familiar with the yarn. First there was a big shoot out at the OK Corral. Nope, there was only one guy shooting who was easily dispatched. Then the Boogie Man was using women as human shields and they were killed. No, he wasn’t; only one women was allegedly wounded in the foot. We were told he was shot in resistance. No, he was shot in the head execution style instead. The glorious mansion turned out to be a rundown, nondescript cinder block building.

Over on the winner’s side, the picture of President Obama huddled with cabinet watching the event live on TV was contrived as well.

Obviously, there are problems with the narrative here. But no one in the mainstream press dares compare it to a series of lies. They are just a bunch of Court Scribes at this point taking it all with ease. Never mind the inconsistency. In many ways, this is no different than the way they handled the Kennedy assassination from 1963 or any other major news event till now. The only difference is the real independent press and commentators are on the Internet now. The news will out as long as the Net remains free. For how long is anybody’s guess.

Sleep with the Fishes
I thought it unsatisfactory they dumped the body in the sea. The body is the Prima facie evidence of what occurred–in other words, an irrefutable exhibit of fact. Down through history when the mighty foe is slain, the body is always put on display. Here, no such thing happens. Even the death photos are not to be revealed.

Even more puzzling is that no autopsy was completed. Of course, if bin Laden, was really killed in the manner they say, we know what he died of. However, a documented and photographed autopsy forms a trail of evidence. Evidence the government could use to prove their case. Evidently, the criminal enterprise that our government has become has grown so great in its hubris, that it no longer considers it necessary to prove anything. Their word will suffice. Or so they think. But the people that really think about things are not fooled.

The sheer incompetence shown with this basic course of action boggles the mind. Even the Bolivian authorities did an autopsy of Che Guevara’s remains which included fingerprints and photographs. They made sure the world knew they got the right guy. The body was put on exhibition, complete with CIA operatives standing by. Notwithstanding, for a major world superpower (i.e., Empire) to transgress like this addresses the political nature of the undertaking and how much they need to conceal. And what would that be? Did the Boogie Man really die years ago as former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Dr. Steve Pieczenik said in an amazing series of disclosures recently on the Alex Jones show? Or did the Seals rush in and kill a doppelganger? What we know of evidence in this affair is fuzzy to the point of being ludicrous and strains our notion of common sense. Which of course, only encourages endless speculation. I guess they learned their lesson with the 26 volumes of collected hearings and evidence the Warren Commission published. Never again. In those books are stored facts that contradict the Warren Report.

Ultimately, there is not, nor will the ever be, any independent verification of what happened. That should disturb everybody interested in the truth.

Timmy, We Hardly Knew Ye...
Every player needs an alias and Tim Osman was Osama bin Laden’s in the glory days of fighting Russians in Afghanistan. And he got this alias from the intelligence agencies he worked with (CIA, MI6, others) that also founded Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization that allegedly materialized 9-11. There is so much mythology, high strangeness and haze surrounding bin Laden I cannot cover it all here. If you want to learn more, Saman Mohammadi at his excellent blog, The Excavator, will fill you in. (Forget Wikipedia as it only serves as a government propaganda tool.) Nonetheless, virtually nothing you’ll read in the mainstream is true on the man just as not much is true about Lee Harvey Oswald, and others like him. Suffice to say, the government basically took down one of its former employees.

This reminds me a lot of what L. Fletcher Proudy said in his book, JFK, in regards to the CIA’s chosen puppets. Men like the Diem brothers or Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. The Agency supports them as allies, builds them up, falls out of favor with them and finally, guns them down. If one wants a long life, it’s best not to work with the Agency. Bin Laden found that out–Lee Oswald did too.

An Egyptian newspaper published Osama bin Laden’s obituary in December of 2001. Whatever happen to him, he was by all accounts suffering from stage five kidney disease, meaning kidney failure, requiring dialysis by July of 2001. One can live a long time having kidney dialysis done three times a week but it needs to be administered by heath care professionals and needs constant attention. It’s not something a person ever recovers from. The “official” story ignores this important detail. So far, no reports of dialysis equipment being recovered.

High Noon In Badville
Not only were the 9-11 attacks one of the most tragic events in American history it was also one of the weirdest. There is so much going on with it, after a while the mind dulls to the relentless onslaught of particulars, each fact building on another to a huge pyramid of anomalies and seemingly unthinkable incidents. Everything from cell phones working at over 30,000 feet (impossible) to half a million tons of concrete and steel crashing to the ground with little notice on seismographic markers, to the put options being placed on airline stock of the exact hijacked airliners where a reported $100 million dollars were made, the evidence of the transaction located on the hard drives of the computers located in the Twin Towers. This rolling wreck never stops tumbling.

I’ve always been fascinated with how quickly they pinned this ghastly crime on bin Laden and Al-Qaeda within a few hours of the attacks before any investigation started. And nothing ever changed from that day forward, no matter how much investigating they did. The end result was–he’s guilty–that’s our story and we’re sticking to it. This is similar to Lee Oswald being apprehended within an hour of the assassination with the crime accredited to him which never changed either. In fact, a signed Dallas Police affidavit lists Oswald as President Kennedy and officer Tippit’s killer, dated at 1:40 PM that day. How is that for innocent till proven guilty?

Be that as it may, Osama bin Laden looks more and more like a patsy. The story of the former Company man gone rogue wears thin in places just as Lee Oswald, the Commie Marine, does. Oswald always had a cover and so did bin Laden. It’s called Legend building in the grand game; the old misdirection ploy stage magicians know so well. The cover is exposed a bit when bin Laden is in the Sudan using his wealth to rebuild some of the infrastructure there. Bad guys aren’t supposed to do that just as loners are not supposed to have a wife and kids and friends.

I guess only in a town as unlucky as Badville, where nothing is as it seems, can the outlaw die and return to be killed all over again. The truth is a mirage.

Prouty, Fletcher L., JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy; Marrs, Jim, The Terror Conspiracy