Monday, April 30, 2012

Secret Service Misbehavior Not Unprecedented

Washington Post article on Secret Service temptations, HERE.

Remember, they were getting drunk in Jack Ruby's club the night before the assassination.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

OSS Links For Researchers

 has long been one of my favorite sites for declassified intelligence information, documents, and generally fascinating reading. It’s a great site for giving us outsiders a glimpse into the clandestine world of spy-craft. Some very interesting material to read though some of it does get a bit obtuse.
Recently, I found some new listings for OSS information that is quite readable and interesting. What follows is batch of links listing of summaries of OSS documents and memos from 1940 to 1946. Of interest to JFK researchers is the mentioning of such characters as Richard Helms, James Angleton and Allen Dulles. Their names come up quite often and there are references to their activities and interactions with other agents and intelligence related issues.
These links give a good peek into intelligence operations during the war and even more, a survey into what our allies were up to as well. We spied on them and they on us. As stated in #214:
“Memorandum to all field stations on the need to report on all of the intelligence systems in their area, September 27, 1945, 2 pp. Germany and Japanese intelligence services were the obvious focal points during the war. With the end of the war, however, "all foreign intelligence services, and personnel connected thereto, now become the legitimate object of observation and study. . . ." [WN#24834]”
Lots of interesting stuff here from WWII to post-WWII operations to a UFO report! One intriguing reference is in regard to interviews with workers that allege they helped in the transport of tons of Nazi gold from Swiss bank vaults to an unknown location outside of mainland europe via Spain and Portugal. Now there’s a mystery for some enterprising soul to track down.
Okay, so lots of trivia here but you never know where it all might lead.
OSS Personel List on PDF
Also of interest, a complete listing of OSS personnel during the war. Names, ranks and serial numbers. The usual suspects are here including noted CIA alums Dulles, Helms, Angleton, Hunt, Colby and so on. It’s known in recent years that TV chef Julia Child also served in the OSS during the war. She is listed under her maiden surname, McWilliams. Robert K. Wilcox, who wrote Target Patton, the book that alleges that General George Patton death was a concealed assassination, lists OSS agent Joseph Bazata as the perpetrator. Bazata’s name does appear in this personnel list, adding some additional credence to the author’s theory.
Do you have a relative that did intelligence work in WWII? You might find their name listed here in this PDF. Good luck.
Or, get it from the National Archives web site:

Though widely reported on the Internet and in some JFK books, Clay Shaw was apparently not an OSS agent.  His name is not to be found on the OSS agent list. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nothing New: NBC Producer Fired Over Manipulating Audio Media

A recent news story featured the firing of an NBC producer for “selective” editing of the now famous George Zimmerman phone call to Sanford Florida police despatch. The tape was edited to have Zimmerman saying, without prompting that Trayvon Martin looks “black.” In actuality, he was asked for the race of the victim and did not initially volunteer it. The producer is never named.

Check out the video and article HERE.

Then go to my article, How CBS Screwed Orville Nix and you’ll see that selective editing is nothing new and has been done for years by the mainstream media to manipulate the news and hence, the public’s perception of events. In the case of Orville Nix, he is a witness to shots being fired from the grassy knoll and CBS edited his response to have him saying the shots came from the School Book Depository Building.

I also document in that piece the same thing was done to Jim Garrison when interviewed for the Speak Up America TV program in the 1980’s. Here the tape is edited so Garrison is saying there are 32 shooters in Dealey plaza. He didn’t originally. He sated he believed there were 32 conspirators involved but only six shooters. The Executive Producer for that show, George Schlatter should have been fired as well but unfortunately was not.

Thanks Mr. Schlatter for giving the word your version of journalist ethics. Did you get your education in the Reich Propaganda Ministry? If so, you were taught well.

Other Sources
Video of Orville Nix being interviewed by Mark Lane, describing the events of that day.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Assassination Photos All In One Place

Spartacus has a page with plenty of assassination and JFK related photos all in one place. A good collection.


Nellie Connally: That Day in Dallas

Thoughts of Nellie Connally from an interview done about 20 years ago from Robert R. Rees. Some interesting insight into her thoughts and feelings from that day of the assassination.