Friday, September 21, 2018

New post at Outward Trends

New post at Outward Trends.  It seems Apollo astronauts were taking pictures of a full moon when it was not full.  LINK

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

New Post at Outward Trends

NASA Document Implies No Go To Moon.

Chart found in document on the NASA Technical Report Server implies Apollo never made it to the moon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The JFK Files

Noted researcher and expert  James DiEugenio was featured on the first two hours of Coast to Coast AM on November 18, 2017.  He covered the recent CIA JFK file releases. 

You can listen HERE but one has to be Coast Streamlink member in order to download the MP3s. 

Or, read his report for free HERE.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thank You Deep State Readers!

Unit patch for Project Zipper 2000.  Source: Invisible by Trevor Paglen.

I am not a researcher that is in the top tier or a major player.  I am thankful for all of the page views I get per month since my profile is not high and there is no site promotion, no books, or give talks anywhere.  It’s due to the number people that are interested in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and I think many people do not believe the official story.  Once you start a deep inquiry that becomes obvious.

Even though I am just a guy writing articles basically saying the “Emperor has no clothes,” somewhere along the way I got their attention.  It doesn’t take much.  Just call the National Security State a bunch a liars and on a list you go.  The same list that gets my checked luggage searched every time I fly.  Or my always locked pickup truck tampered with by turning on the windshield wipers, the driver’s side rearview mirror turned in the wrong direction and a large turtle placed behind the back seat.  I am glad it wasn’t a rattle snake!  I placed a trail cam on a nearby tree and all of the tampering of the truck ended.  Generally things have slacked off over the past few years probably to my lack of posting articles, which was due to being my father’s care giver which was a full time job. He has since passed and my time is freeing up again to continue my work.

I wonder what the more well-known researchers go through?

After writing on this blog for almost 10 years, I am most intrigued at the number of government, military and contractor web sites that my traffic app picks up.  Our Federal employees love to read about the JFK assassination!  Seriously, do they? Enough readers show up and more than once as well.  

One of the more interesting visitors, and quite a surprise, was the NSA.  Making it more interesting , they probed with an bot.  Try the ULR, it doesn’t go anywhere.  I found out from an article on that they had the same bot visit their site with the same URL.  Their research uncovered the NSA as the source of the bot.  Deep State poking around on the sly, but the right people with the know-how and the right tools can suss them out.

(The only other site that can’t be assessed is  See below.)

 And now the list…

NSA (via NSA bot -
LANL  (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
CFTC  (Commodity Futures Trading Commission)

.MIL (US Coast Guard)  (Central Command Iraq)  (U.S. European Command)  (via  (Cannot access URL - affiliated with DMDC?)  (Defense Finance  and Accounting Service)  (Missile Defense Agency)   (Defense Information Systems Agency)

Government Contractors (Insurance provider for GOV contractors) (Lockhead-Martin) (Canadian mil contractor) 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Book Review: Judge For Yourself

Judge For Yourself, A Treasury Of Writing By John Judge

by John Patrick Judge (Author), Joseph E Green (Editor), David T Ratcliffe (Introduction), Kenn Thomas (Foreword)

The title is a bit of a misnomer.  The actual writings by the late and venerable researcher John Judge are only part of a work that includes interviews with Judge and speeches by him.  Oddly, the written works are not well sourced and the reader will wonder where they were originally published.  The collection of interviews and several speeches are properly sourced.

Actually the title could be, “Anything You Have Heard About Everything Is Wrong.“  Though heavily involved in researching the JFK assassination, Judge flips the lid on many famous events in the latter part of the 20th century.  John Hinkley’s assassination attempt on President Regan involved another assassin;  The Jonestown cult members didn’t drink the cool-aid, they were killed by Special Forces and all sorts of amazing realizations of unknown, or not properly documented, history.  

John Judge in this collection, has a tendency to make declarative statements with little or no citations.  It is unknown what sources he had access to, as he rarely tells us.  However, this does make for some intriguing issues for the reader to determine for themselves whether they are true or not.  Basically, we are left to take Judge’s word for it.

There are some great stories in this book.  One involves another great researcher, Mae Brussell (LINK).  Judge partnered with her and he tells the story of how concerned the Deep State became when they built a house right across the street from Mae.  Judge recalls the Brussell went to meet and greet the new neighbors and looking thru a window and saw no one and no furniture in the living room, just a huge tape deck.  Never met a soul.  Years later and two weeks before she died of cancer, lots of construction noise came from the house.  Judge said he found out later that they were dismantling the surveillance equipment.  The day Mae Brussell died the house burned to the ground.  The Fire Chief would not release the names of the owners or occupants of the house.  A good example of Deep State control of information flow and the media.

Nazis, Nazis everywhere!  John Judge’s fixation on former Nazis, current Nazis and their assorted connections borders on obsession.  While it is true that lots of Nazis were brought over under Operation Paperclip after the war to build the space program and ramp up intelligence operations, Judge finds connections, if not guilt by association, with numerous luminaries that most would never suspect.  While it is noble of him to expose this willing infiltration of Nazis by the government, the irony here is that Judge never has a problem with the other side—communism.  In the world of John Judge, they are not involved with conspiracies, have no supporting role with anybody and have no plans for world wide dominance.  For Judge, only Nazis have the power to do so (even though this is highly over rated in that regard since they are not operating from a State apparatus) and it is a failure to ignore how dangerous communism was for world peace.   As author and talk host Mark Levin said, all communist states are police states.  For John Judge only Nazis maintain police states.  At least his heart was in the right place.

That not withstanding, Judge tells the amazing story of his mother (name never mentioned), who was the highest paid female civilian employee at the Pentagon as a manpower analyst.  Her job was to project future troop enlistments, discharges, non-combat injuries and so forth.  She couldn’t believe the data she had to work with and she brought this to the attention of her boss and was told that the war was to last for 10 years at a cost of 57,000 causalities.  An amazingly accurate forecast!  This all began in last week of November.  The Deep State had ramped up for the war in Vietnam and John Kennedy had only been dead for a few days.  It is unclear how this precise forecast had been formulated.  One can assume this still goes on for the other wars that have happened since 1963.  

Overall, a great read on the thoughts of John Judge.  I would have liked to see more writings from the 1990’s and first decade of this century as this tome heavily covers issues of the 1960-1980 time periods and leaves out many scandals and political events of the 1990’s and through the first decade of the 2000’s.

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Say Something Real Press LLC (April 13, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0998889806
ISBN-13: 978-0998889801
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches
Price: $16.95

Available from all major online book retailers.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Doppelgänger Comes From On High

The subject of Lee Oswald being impersonated has been an ongoing subject of this blog.  The idea of Oswald having a double in play, as part of an intelligence operation, is a valid model, despite the fringe nature of the subject.   It calls into question what we can find believable about the events surrounding the assassination of John Kennedy and furthermore, how such an operation could have been withheld from the public for so long.

While the late Vincent Buglosi may bemoan Oswald being impersonated as a wacky conspiracy theory, ironically, the first notion that Oswald was being impersonated originates in the government itself.

The Smoking Memo
At some point in time FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover discovered from a source that a possibility existed that Lee H. Oswald may have been impersonated.  He directed a memo to Department of State officials, dated June of 1960, inquiring about this issue.  It is important to note that the memo was sent to the State Department officials in the American Embassy in Moscow–not the officials in Washington, DC.  From this, we see Hoover’s early interest in Lee Oswald's defection and living in the USSR.  

What response Hoover got back in return is unknown.

The researcher that uncovered this document, Jones Harris, once told me that this memo should never have been released.  It reveals too much about what is going on behind the scenes with the important and powerful, people such as Hoover, and what they were thinking about regarding Lee Oswald, who at this point was a Person of Interest.  It also gives us a hint that something else is going on with the young Marine defector.  It exposes that Hoover lied when he stated at the time of the assassination that the FBI knew little regarding Lee Oswald, when in effect, Hoover had taken a keen interest in him early on.  Most likely as early as 1959, the year Oswald defected to the Soviet Union. 

Senator Richard Russell
Another victim of Lyndon Johnson’s arm-twisting, the senior senator from Georgia was a reluctant member of the Warren Commission.  He would shortly after joining be the second member of the government to learn of Oswald being impersonated. Sen. Russell would become the Commission member with the lowest attendance at Commission hearings.  He was a powerful and influential member of the Senate and was obviously a very busy man. 

However, it may also be that understood that the Commission was nothing more than a dog and pony show for public consumption.  The Commission’s work was time limited and they were dependent on evidence being supplied by various agencies of the government, many not that forthcoming.  As Commission member John Jay McCloy once told researcher Jones Harris, the Commission suffered from not having full disclosure (and Earl Warren would say as much to the New York Times in 1964).

Despite Sen. Russell’s lack of attendance at Commission hearings he launched his own behind the scenes investigation, which was largely centered on Oswald. For this effort he contacted Colonel Philip Corso, of military intelligence.  (Yes, that same Colonel Corso of Roswell crash fame.)

Col. Corso knew people.  One person he knew well was William Sullivan of the FBI’s Domestic Intelligence Division.  Sullivan reported back to Corso that there were two birth certificates for a Lee Harvey Oswald.  This explains why Oswald’s birth certificate has never been officially released.  There is more than one!

Corso’s next source was Francis Knight of the U.S. Passport Office.  There, he learned from Knight that there were two passports issued to a Lee H. Oswald and two different people had used them both.

From this we have two more important government officials that knew of Oswald being impersonated.  Or else something really unusual was going on regarding this young man, a fellow billed as a loser and malcontent.  Deep in the Federal bureaucracy there was a special interest in this man and paperwork, real or fabricated, was being created for his background.  It was the crafting of a Legend.

It is unknown what Sen. Russell’s reaction was to learning of Oswald’s two birth certificates and the two passports being issued under Oswald’s name. He apparently shared none of this information with the Commission at large.  He most likely knew for certain that the Warren Commission was never going to get to the truth with these issues.

In an interview conducted by Jones Harris,  Sen. Russell told Harris his belief that there was a conspiracy in the assassination of John F. Kennedy (Sen. Cooper said this as well in a separate interview).  Apparently the Georgia Senator’s conspiratorial views may have stemmed from what he learned from Col. Corso.

So the first opposition to the Warren Report was from within the Commission itself.

And the suspicion that Lee Oswald was being impersonated originates in the government by people not considered to be “Conspiracy Theorists.”


Col. Philip Corso’s conversation with John Armstrong.
John Armstrong, Harvey and Lee, p. 362

The Hoover Memo