Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How CBS Screwed Orville Nix

In 1967 CBS News ran a series of programs on the Kennedy assassination. Par to the script, they came to the conclusion as practically all TV investigations since have gone—that Oswald was guilty of the crime and there was no conspiracy in the death of John F. Kennedy just as the Warren Commission said.

One of the people interviewed was Orville Nix a man who filmed the assassination from across the street from Abraham Zapruder’s position. Nix worked for the General Service Administration as an air conditioning repairman in the Dallas Secret Service building. He sold his footage to UPI for $5000 in 1963.

When interviewed by CBS about what he witnessed, Nix stated he heard shots coming from the direction of the grassy knoll. They would then say to him “Cut!” each time he answered. Finally, they asked him what the Warren Commission said about the shots. Nix stated, the schoolbook depository building. When they edited the tape for broadcast Nix is saying he heard the shots coming from the schoolbook depository building. His original statement had been cut out! Nix always maintained he heard shots coming from the grassy knoll.

What CBS did here is completely unethical and outrageous. When there was only three networks this type of deception was a piece of cake. CBS producer Bernard Birnbaum, who worked on the documentary, denies any of this happened to Nix. As he said, "We never tried to put any words in anybody's mouth, absolutely not." I believe Birnbaum is a liar. After all, somebody edited the tape, right? If we could see the unedited version the lie would be exposed, thus modifying Nix’s original testimony as to what happened. Nix always maintained he heard shots coming from the knoll. His honesty in this is assured.

By CBS doing this they were going to great lengths to support the Government’s case. By why? What would be their interest in helping the government out? Was it because then president William Paley was a former OSS agent and entwined with the National Security State? If the government’s case is so firm then why resort to this trickery? What is in this for CBS?

There would be a replay of this in the early 1980’s when Jim Garrison was interviewed for Speak Up America TV program. Executive Producer George Schlatter made sure the tape was edited to have Garrison saying there were “32 shooters” in Dealey Plaza. Originally he had been asked how many people were involved in conspiracy. Garrison answered thirty-two. Supervising producer John Barbour (see his excellent documentary interviewing Jim Garrison HERE.) asked Schlatter why he did this and he replied, “Garrison is a nut.”

Where did George Schlatter learn his ethics from—Bernard Birnbaum? There were grounds for libel but Garrison declined to pursue it. As one can see these media insiders love to go for influencing public opinion rather than uncovering the truth. They have largely failed though.

However, there is a silver lining in this cloud. After all the government machinations, undying media support of the Warren Commission’s story, corrupt TV producers, and denigrating of witnesses like Orville Nix, the American People still don’t believe what they are being told.

Thank you American People for your common sense!

Mark Lane interviewing Orville Nix. Says frames of missing. Says shots came from fence.

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