Monday, July 27, 2009

The Other Conspiracy

A real conspiracy that can be proven in the Kennedy assassin is how the assassination was going to be presented to the public. In the first executive session, held in secret on a cold night in January 22, 1963 the commission’s members mulled over what they knew about Lee Oswald. They had good reason to believe that at a minimum he was an FBI informant. It was feared that the public would not believe a lone gunman scenario if Oswald were found out to be a government agent. So after mulling it over they decided Oswald was guilty and the sole assassin of the president. No further investigation of his past was to be undertaken. All the CIA and FBI needed to do was issue pro forma affidavits that Lee Oswald never worked for them. All this done before the first witness was called. The rest of the “investigation” was a mop up operation of molding the facts to fit the theory. And this is basis of the controversy that has raged since.

So explosive was this meeting that it was determined at the time that all records of the gathering were to be destroyed. So how do we know what happened?? Some honest soul, a believer in the truth, or perhaps a Kennedy loyalist, did not destroy the stenographers tape. It somehow, made its way to the National Archives where a FOIA lawsuit by legendary assassination researcher Harold Weisberg finally dislodged it years later. And this is how we know that men trusted with finding out the truth had no such mission and resolved to bury the matter.

Lead counsel, Lee Rankin went so far as to author a memo of the execute session claiming they had decided to follow ”all leads” in Oswald’s background. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Apparently Rankin assumed he was going to have the final word with the official record thus sanitized. He was wrong. The stenographer’s tape lays bare the deceptive nature of these so-called honorable men.

But even before the January 22nd meeting there is the Asst. Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach memo to Bill Moyers on how they would like to precede with the situation. The Katzenbach memo is the classic piece of evidence for a predetermined conclusion in the Kennedy murder.

Two major points from the memo:

  1. The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that the evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial.
  2. Speculation about Oswald's motivation ought to be cut off, and we should have some basis for rebutting thought that this was a Communist conspiracy or (as the Iron Curtain press is saying) a right-wing conspiracy to blame it on the Communists. Unfortunately the facts on Oswald seem about too pat—too obvious (Marxist, Cuba, Russian wife, etc.). The Dallas police have put out statements on the Communist conspiracy theory, and it was they who were in charge when he was shot and thus silenced.
As you can see, at no point is Katzenbach saying…”Let’s dig into this and find out what the truth is.” His statements are all political. They are concerned with nothing but the spin. He goes on to say: “We can scarcely let the world see us totally in the image of the Dallas Police when our President is murdered.” Ha! In other words—we can’t have the local yokels involved with this even if the crime was committed in their jurisdiction.

It’s all about PR control and eventually they got it. They succeeded in cutting off any other investigations from authorities that had a right legally, to investigate the crime. They are more concerned with spin than fining out the truth. Apparently so since they already decided that Oswald is guilty.

The lone nut crowd says the critics are taking the memo out of context. Hardly. Read it for yourself in full, HERE. The Katzenbach memo is the classic piece of evidence for a predetermined conclusion in the Kennedy murder. Notice there never is a reference to finding out what the truth is and presenting it honestly to the public. Of course the statements have to be political—there were other chieftains to deal with such as J. Edgar Hoover being the led husky. Brooding in his office full of blackmail file cabinets, having free rein now that his boss, Robert Kennedy, was wounded and out of action Hoover let it be known that he would not let anything be exposed to tarnish the reputation of the FBI, and hence himself. Hoover and the FBI were one and the same. So from early on, the FBI got in the driver’s seat and the rest unfortunately, is history.

But I always wonder. If there is a conspiracy then why is that something those in power do not want the public to know? What is so dangerous to our Republic about knowing that?

McKnight, Gerald, Breach of Trust;;