Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R.I.P. Don Hewitt

The well-known CBS news producer Don Hewitt and creator of 60 Minutes passed on at the age of 86 today. As I wrote in my piece, “The Insiders Always Know” Hewitt had an interest in the Kennedy assassination. An interest he never publicly pursued but he, as well as a number of media insiders, had their doubts about the official Warren Commission story. He asked around but apparently never got anywhere. Of note is Hewitt’s outrage over Sen. Howard Baker telling him about his experience of asking Nixon about the Kennedy assassination. Nixon replied, “You don’t want to know.” Hewitt was in indignation over the comment and probably fueled his doubts about what went down.

Rest in peace, Don. I just wish you could have used the talent around you to look into this thing. But your career probably wouldn’t have been as long as it was if you had.