Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spooky Action at a Distance

The Kennedy assassination is a deep, dark secret buried in the bowels of our government. Or better, in the depths of the National Security State that we have lived under since 1947 when the Act was signed into law. Theories come and go and everybody has one. I am not a theorist; however, I have been contemplating for some time that those in the authority to discern and investigate this tragedy had no idea what really happened. The FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and many others may not have seen it coming. This massive sucker punch left them with event with no reasoning behind it. They didn’t want the issue to go out unresolved so they took the simplest and quickest route—to blame it on the one man they had in custody—Lee Oswald. Never mind that so many pieces to the puzzle don’t fit. Even FBI Director Hoover admitted to the newly sworn in President Johnson that they didn’t have much a case on Oswald. Hoover, with the FBI’s reputation at stake they could not precede to tell they public that people shooting at the President of the United States got away with the misdeed. This started the big rush to judgment and then the big rush to move on.

Of course some of us didn’t move on. There are too many irregularities here. Though I am at times concerned with the idea that if there is a conspiracy then why are we not allowed to know? What would be the harm in us knowing the truth of this? A loss in government trust? The trust is long gone for that matter. It died in Dealey Plaza followed by the inept investigation, the screwy explanations that defy logic, and the squirrelly characters that to this day, pound the gavel and demand we believe the earth is flat when we have traced its contours.

Perhaps this is the basis for the many cover-ups. You can’t prove convincingly any conspiracy theory but you can clearly see the misdirection ploys, the decoys and agent provocateurs at play. Such as when the CIA lied and said they had no foreknowledge of Lee Oswald’s actions in Mexico City just months before the assassination. They had both the Russian and Cuban embassy’s phones thoroughly wiretapped. Not to mention a red flag placed on any American showing up at a communist nation’s embassy. Not only that but we know through released documents that the Mexico CIA station chief, Win Scott was kept deliberately out of the information loop on Oswald. A need to know basis that excluded the station chief and his staff. Why? Apparently the CIA’s “need to know” concept is extended to all.

All of these shenanigans, from the Feds disrupting Jim Garrison’s prosecution of Clay Shaw, to the Willis family getting back film that had undergone photographic tampering, to Orville Nix having his statements edited by CBS to support the official story, just adds to the legend of mistrust. They brought it on themselves. The hurried Warren Commission Report in time becomes a political document; devoid of as its true purpose, filtered through the politics of the day. Moving bullet wounds around didn’t give these men any sense of embarrassment. Only a few had regrets and they didn’t live long enough to wage a revolt. Even the men closest to the event know things are not right but only whisper their doubts amongst themselves.

So they probably did know what happened but stuck to their plan no matter what. When Bill and Gayle Newman tell the Dallas police that they were lying on the ground protecting their children because they heard shots flying over their heads from the grassy knoll—and the Warren Commission doesn’t take their sworn testimony—the door is shut on the truth. They tidied up the mess and hurried along. They were not going to dig any deeper. And why would that be? Further research is needed to find the cause of that.