Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Single Bullet Theory Cannot Be True

As seen from the above frame from the Zapruder film, Governor John Connally does not appear in distress. In fact he is doing exactly what he said he did—turning to see the President in obvious anguish, after hearing what he thought was a shot. Connally always maintained, as did his wife Nellie, that he heard the first shot and turned around to see Kennedy in trouble. As he started to turn to his left he heard the second shot and knew he was hit. He was still conscious when he heard the third shot that would kill the President.

In the official story Connally is supposed to be shot at this point in the frame, his fifth rib shattered in two places, the radial bone in his wrist broken, with the bullet ripping through his thigh. Yet here he is, turning 180 degrees around to see what is going on behind him. This one blurry frame of the Zapruder film proves his testimony and that of his to wife Nellie to be accurate and the Warren Commission wrong. It simply didn’t happen the way we were told. Perhaps the powerful men that set all of this up thought we would never have access to the film. It shows the solution to the problem was a political answer. That bullet was going to do double duty and by golly, nothing was going to stop it.