Monday, December 1, 2008

The Long Knives of November

One thing that keeps me interested in examining the Kennedy assassination is the weirdness of it all. I have found that to be true in other events such as 9-11, TWA 800, or the assassinations of RFK and MLK. So much of the official story does not make any sense in any of these cases. Getting to the truth is impossible as long as political machines are doing the investigating. They are not digging for the truth anyway. They are instead, seeking a solution to a narrative as a fiction author does when his character is in trouble and needs to find a path out. Only, in the instance of real events, it never seems quite right. Like any good story, it is believable to a point, but it is still a story.

You cannot find a weirder character in this than Lee Oswald. He is at the crux of the whole thing. Oh sure, David Ferrie with his greasepaint eyebrows, his apartment lab with cages of white rats, is out there as well. But he was not pegged with a crime of killing a President, though he did associate with Oswald. You know the saying, show me who you run with and I will tell you who you are. Oswald the perpetual loner, effective Russian speaker, lost in his delusions of greatness, who just happened to be the most sociable loner ever. One with a wife and kids. A man who was all over the place leaving a trail as he went.

Oswald early on was playing fast and loose with all sorts of characters. He was a nobody that after he was arrested for a Canal Street altercation demanded to speak to an FBI agent. One did bother to show up for something that amounted to a misdemeanor, not normally on an FBI agent’s to-do list. Agent John Quigley, upon chatting with Oswald forwards the information to the Office of Naval Intelligence. Later, he gives vague testimony to the Warren Commission about this incident. Being a good G-Man, he only tells what they ask, not what he knows. In the early 70s the ONI destroys their files on Oswald. At some point in time so does the CIA. It’s all tidy now. As tidy as the eighty-six pages missing out of John Wilkes Booth’s diary.

You want to know why we can never get to the bottom of the Kennedy assassination? Because of affairs such as this. It is the gleaming of something out there, just outside of your field of vision. There are those who are powerful enough keep it that way and their ways are mysterious. Just as mysterious as Oswald’s letter describing the Canal Street altercation he mailed to the FFFC headquarters in New York. It just happened to be post marked five days before the incident actually took place. Another one of Oswald’s trails, or else he was showing his masters just how big of a screw-up they had hired? It is all part of the legend now.

Meanwhile, the handsome young President has his own legend. He stepped on too many toes. He governed as if he was the only King with no others about. Tragically, he found out that he was not the only King in Camelot. The Long Knives were not about to let this usurper appear and rearrange the chairs at the table. We know who they are and they mock us to this very day because they know we cannot catch them. Many have since passed on, but they left behind their machines to live after them.

Lyndon Johnson was a brute but he knew how the real game was played. He outplayed the Kennedy boys only to have the Long Knives outplay him and leave him stranded in the swamps of Vietnam. All of that lusted after power gone to waste. All of that blood on his hands, the same hands he used to grope women in the presence of his wife. How is that for a “thank you” Lyndon? You made a deal with the devil and he rigged your roulette table. A savvy player like you should have known that. You can’t trust anybody in this game, not even yourself.

The Discovery Channel is out there pumping out documentaries proving the Warren Commission’s conclusions over and over. The truth seekers are publishing their conspiracy books doubting Warren Commission’s conclusions over and over. The two sides will never come to terms. It has been a forty-five year head-butt that will never end. The truth is out there but only for a select few.

Just bear in mind ye Long Knives, we do not believe you and never will. Irksome, is it not?