Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some James Garrison Reading

James Garrison
I know full well that Jim Garrison is considered by many in the research community to be the Patron Saint of conspiracy research.  But dig a little deeper and one will see that he was as flawed as the rest of us.  Some of his investigation was spot on and sincere and some of it was utterly unethical. 

Long-time researcher Jones Harris worked with Garrison for a bit in the Clay Shaw investigation.  He told me right up from that in his view, Jim Garrison was a “charming charlatan.”  I was surprised to hear this at the time as I had never heard or read of anybody that worked with Garrison utter some an evaluation.  The main incident that Harris remembered was asking Garrison if Carlos Marcello was in the Mob and he was told that Marcello was no longer in organized crime and was now a New Orleans businessman.  Obviously this is not true, since Marcello was a career mob boss in New Orleans. 

Below is a link to a 1992 New Yorker article by Edward J. Epstein about Jim Garrison and some of the shenanigans he pulled in the case he prosecuted against Clay Shaw.  Recommended reading before you start to feel inclined to see a halo around Garrison’s head.