Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Joseph McBride’s Rebuttal

Researcher Dale K. Myers

Joseph McBride, author of Into the Nightmare: My Search for the Killers of President John F. Kennedy and Officer J. D. Tippet, has written a rebuttal to Dale Myers’ (author, With Malice) recent critique on his blog entitled, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: New and Updated Books about the JFK Assassination.  

Dale Myers, a researcher and Warren Commission supporter, published in 1998 a throughly researched book on the murder of J. D. Tippet, The Dallas policemen found murdered on the day of President Kennedy’s assassination.  It’s quite apparent from Myers’ numerous writings online that the Tippet murder is his private domain.  He stakes his claim every time somebody publishes an article on the subject and he goes after them.  This is his turf and no one had better tread upon it.  Joseph McBride is one such trespasser.  

In his review of JFK books published in 2013 and earlier, Myers sets forth the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  He precedes to applaud the pro lone nut books and disses on the conspiracy viewpoint books.  This is not a surprise.  But he take a special and long aim at McBride’s Into the Nightmare and rambles on for 3,010 words.  It’s the only book listed in the “Ugly” section.  It must be a real nightmare for Myers as he resorts to person attacks of McBride’s character and sanity, as well as accusing him of plagiarism of his own book, With Malice.  In fact, it reminds me a lot of Bugliosi’s hate-filled rant towards the skeptical JFK esearch community in his book, Reclaiming History, sections of which were written by Myers until they had a falling out. (It should be noted that Myers lists Reclaiming History as one of the better books on the assassination in the Good section, never mentioning his involvement with its creation.  And he has no shame in listing his own book in the Good list either–how can this man’s skull contain his ego?)

To be fair, With Malice is an expertly researched book on the subject of officer Tippet’s death.  One just has to avoid conspiracy and controversy in the case as Myers does.  Never the less, Joseph McBride makes a spirited defense of himself and his work, pointing out flaws in Myers’ research, which must be an affront to him, considering what a lofty perch he envisions himself ensconced in.  

Addendum 2.13.14
Not to be outdone, Dale Myers has posted a rebuttal to the Joseph McBride's rebuttal on  Let the fur fly!

Addendum #2 - 3.10.14
Once again, Dale Myers must be feeling insecure about his place in the Tippet murder investigation because he’s got a new piece on his blog regarding the wallet.  It’s basically a huge cut’n’paste from an earlier article on his blog. Same old stuff but he makes an odd goof.  He says that researcher Jones Harris interviewed witness Kenneth H. Croy, the first police officer to come in contact with the wallet, in 2005.  

But Harris told me the he interviewed Croy in 1990, 8 years before Myers published With Malice.  I think this was intentional as Myers does this to establish some doubt about the credibility of Croy and old memories involving his acquiring the wallet.  Myers knows better but it's a trick of the trade for men like this.

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