Friday, December 6, 2013

Doppelgängers Are Real

Not sisters,  Sylvie Gagnon and Caroline Dhavernas, from Montreal.  © by Francois Brunelle/Rex Features

Once you start studying the Oswald Doubles connection, probably the hardest part is understanding how two people could look so much alike and yet not share a family connection.  It would at first seem an impossible task if one is trying to create an intelligence operation using look-alikes that aren’t siblings.  

And yet is does happen to a remarkable degree as discovered by Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle when he started photographing two acquaintances who resembled each other yet were not related.  Brunelle’s photography project is called, I'm not a look-alike!  The photographer has a goal of photographing 200 couples in North America.  They cannot be related but must resemble each other.  

Go HERE for the link to see the stunning samples.

Then ask yourself, how hard is it to believe that this young man below could possibly be doubled by another guy that is not his brother?