Monday, December 30, 2013

2013, A Year End Review

And quite a year it has been!  The 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death came and went with the media fanfare that I expected.  Mainly, that they were all going to stick to the official story as laid down by the Warren Commission in 1964.  No surprise really.  Not only did the mainstream media reflect this but so did the conservative media on radio and cable news outlets such has FOX News. That JFK was “killed by a communist” became a common refrain from people who clearly have not researched the case.  A pity that so many TV documentaries took to making up Straw Man arguments and in same cases blatant falsehoods and pseudo scientific testing.  Any alternative theories made sure it was anybody but the CIA.  One of the worst shows I documented in my piece, Lies, Omissions, and PBS NOVA: Cold Case JFK.  Most of the shows I passed on but researcher Pat Speer apparently saw all of them wrote up a massive review of all print, web, and TV presentations, HERE.

Even now, 50 years later the national press is still deeply connected to the government’s version of the tragic event.  That is because they are deeply connected to the government.  Do not ever forget former CIA Director William Colby’s statement, under oath, to Congress declaring that all major media figures are owned by them, the CIA.  It’s ironic that so many conservative talkers on the radio tell us how we cannot trust the government but by golly, we sure can believe what they had to say about the assassination of JFK in 1964.

The public access to Dealey Plaza for the 50th Anniversary was another example our decent into Police State wackiness with black uniformed police frisking school kids before they could enter the area and “free speech” zones for people who are not in lock-step with the National Fiction of King Camelot’s death.  The extreme measures for crowd control extended to removing the “X” that marked the spot on Elm street where Kennedy received his fatal head wound.

Never the less, a banner year for site visits and I got the highest ever in November with over 15,000 page views.  It shows how hungry people for the information and truth on the Kennedy assassination. After all, one is never going to find it on the major TV and Radio networks or the existing print media. They ignore everything that is going to contradict the official narrative.

The most popular article for the year for this site was one I did on Lee’s brother Robert entitled, What Did Robert Oswald Know?  I was surprised how well this one took off.  (Only my article on Dorothy Kilgallen has been as popular.)  Not a lot has been written on Robert who seems like an honest, decent, working class man.  Yet there are many conflicts with his Warren Commission testimony which I pointed out in my article.  He appears to be a man that knew more than he ever let on. 

One of my most important contacts I met this year.  Jones Harris.  I am really indebted to this man.  Jones has been in the trenches from day one.  He was dating Jackie’s appointment secretary at the time of the assassination and this launched him on a lifetime of research.  Born into a successful show business family Jones had access to the rich and famous throughout his life.  He’s a literal “who’s who” of New York everything and everybody.  Along the way he interviewed many of the major (and minor) figures in the case, such as Jim Garrison, James Angleton, David Atlee Philips, Richard Case Nagell, Mary Ferrell, Abraham Zapruder, Senators Russell and Cooper, John Jay McCloy, and a host of others.  He worked with Jim Garrison and was instrumental in getting Richard Case Nagell released from prison. It’s been a great blessing to have met this man and I stand much better informed about the case, as Jones Harris interviewed many witnesses that are no longer with us, and just as important, many while their memories were still fresh.  In his 80’s and having no desire to join the Internet, I often provide him with information and printed articles from online searches.

Another good contact is John Armstrong, researcher and author of Harvey and Lee, the definitive book on the theory of Lee Oswald being impersonated.  His massive book is now available from his website ( and his site is filled with a great set of data points on the subject if you cannot afford the book.  If you don’t agree with Oswald being doubled, there is a lot of amazing facts in this tome you won’t find anyplace else.  I’ve used it often as a source book as have many other researchers.  Armstrong’s detailed and methodical accounting of Oswald allegedly acquiring the rifle and pistol is almost worth the price of book.  

Being the 50th anniversary year, it was an outstanding year for book releases. So many I didn’t have the time to buy and review them all.  As aways, there were more pro-conspiracy than anti-conspiracy books published, but that is generally the state of affairs regarding books on Kennedy’s murder.  Many older books were updated such as Cross Fire, With Malice, and Destiny Betrayed.  There were a few clunkers, such as The Interloper by Peter Savodnik regarding Lee Oswald’s time in Russia.  A dull read with nothing much new to report. 

One missing event from 2013 was the release of the film, The Ultimate Sacrifice, the Leo DiCaprio movie based on the Lamar Waldron, Thom Hartmann book of the same name.  This film, fingering the Mob as the plotters and killers, was supposed to be shown on Christmas Day.  It’s a no-show and I have yet to find out what happened to it, or if it was made, or if it will ever be shown.  If anybody knows, please drop me an e-mail.

So thanks again for all of my readers out there!  I’ll be committed to continued research in the following year and beyond.  Please keep stopping by.  Happy 2014 to all!


What Did Robert Oswald Know?

More detailed piece on PBS Nova Cold Case by Dr. David Mantik