Sunday, May 6, 2012

Watergate and the CIA

Excellent article by Jeff Morley (Our Man in Mexico) over at Salon entitled, Watergate’s Final Mystery, regarding the CIA’s involvement in Watergate.  This is a much neglected area of research with ties back to the Bay of Pigs operation and JFK’s assassination.

For further reading get a copy (now out of print - find it used on Amazon) of Jim Hougan’s Secret Agenda.  It’s one of the best books written on the CIA and Watergate.

Secret Agenda by Jim Hougan - Amazon

Our Man in Mexico by Jefferson Morley - Amazon

In regards to Jeff Morley mentioning in his article that Nixon asked Helms, “Who shot John…?”, he was asking that as a rhetorical question.  It wasn’t Nixon expressing doubt over the results of the Warren Commission.  Morley makes it appear as if that is Nixon’s point.  Though Nixon did seem to speak obliquely and dance around the issue of JFK’s death in other taped conversations.