Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kennedy Autopsy Was Botched - Single Bullet Theory Exploded

That headline goes to a July 1967 issue of Argosy magazine by Dr. Milton Helpern, leading gunshot expert.   Anybody remember Argosy?  A great magazine that tackled all manner of controversies in the day.  Too bad it is out of print.

Transcription posted by Lorie Kramer at  Link, HERE

Dr. Helpern mentions the baltic tests at the Edgewood Arsenal but fails to mention the tests on 10 different cadaver wrists by Drs Dolce and Light in their report.  No fault of his own since by 1965 that report was classified “confidential” for 8 years.  The tests showed all bullets test fired were, in Dr. Joseph Dolce’s words, “markedly deformed.”