Friday, September 30, 2011

No Black Helicopters Spotted Yet!

Maybe they’ll get me, maybe they won’t. But won’t be tonight.
Bob Dylan
Dreamin’ of You

"90% of the American people believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. The other 10% work for the government or the media.”
Richard Belzer

Ever since I stated this blog in 2008 in order to share my thoughts on the assassination John F. Kennedy I was hoping it would not flounder and I would not become a voice crying in the wilderness. Readership has steadily grown over the intervening years and I have you kind folks out there to thank for that. My goal is to make it interesting for people and not just rehash the same facts over and over. I am a pattern hunter and there is lots of that to explore with so many intertwining connections. There is also a lot of strangeness that seems permeate everything associated with JFK’s death. Some of it is borderline supernatural but of course isn’t–but it’s all over the place and makes for an interesting investigation.

Of interest is the type of viewers that are showing up. Once I got tracking software installed on my page I could trace where everybody was coming from and some of the data is not just IP’s but web sites and search terms. It seems everybody is using Google and if not for them, then I guess I would have very few readers at all. So my thanks to them as well.

I don’t view myself as anybody important in the JFK research community. I’m just a regular guy cranking out essays and book reviews on the subject. Having said that, the tracking software after a while began compiling visits from government web sites. Then I noticed military web sites and government contractors as well. Numerous other corporations fill in the empty slots. In effect, this little blog has attracted the attention of the full phalanx of the Military-Industrial Complex and the various elements of the National Security State.

And I can do all of this from home!

About The Visitors
When I first started compiling my list of visitors I found only a few .gov sites. I thought at first maybe it was bored government employees or people doing their lunch breaks in their cubicles surfing the web on the side. I did it when I worked i worked in a cubical! But then I noticed a trend and over the past three years more and more government web sites appearing. Then came the military sites along with the web sites of government contractors. Of course there are plenty of educational sites and miscellaneous companies in the mix as well.

The list below may look unbelievable but it is all true. That many agencies of both the government and corporate America did stop by for a read. As I said above, it may just be employees killing time. On the other hand, a sign that people who question the government, its claims and policies, or catch it in a lie, get watched. Or in some of these cases, monitored. The DHS and DOJ visited my blog five times each, in 2010. They have visited several times this year as well but I haven’t counted up the tally as obviously, this year is not over yet. (Will update 1/2012.)

Having the CIA drop by was a surprise as they were so open about it. I remember it well, in last week of June as that was the week my mother passed away. I figured if they ever showed up it would be under an anonymous IP address, not so up front. I get a lot of hits from IP addresses located in Reston and Herndon, both towns in northern Virginia and loaded with CIA offices so I thought I might be getting a look-see. By being so open maybe they wanted me to know?

And speaking of anonymous IP address’s I have one that shows up on average three times a week, every week. The IP is and it is located in Washington, DC. It or they are the most frequent visitor for my blog. Apparently some kind bot that is programed to monitor for new postings. Even if I do one post a month this IP bot will be checking–every week.

One agency that does use bots is the National Security Agency. They appeared one day under the ULR, The site is inaccessible. I did some checking and found out they had visited other web sites in this same manner. One was John Young’s (linked here), a great site for listing recently declassified government documents. An article posted there detailed research which uncovered that was in fact, an NSA bot. (For the geeks, is actually an alias for

Like I said jokingly above no black helicopter flyovers yet. And if you boys show up, try not to fly too low, okay? I don’t want you freaking out the cats. No I’m not concerned about any of this nor have I been a victim of any harassment. Well, there is that fact that every year since I started the blog, I’ve had my checked luggage searched by TSA when I fly. I know they do it as they leave a 3x5 card in my bag informing me of the search. No reason is stated. The Fourth Amendment apparently offers little protection here in the dying days of the National Security State’s security mania.

The Visitors


NSA (via NSA bot -
LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

.MIL (Strategic Command) (US Coast Guard) (Central Command Iraq) (U.S. European Command)

Government Contractors (Insurance provider for .GOV contractors) (Lockhead-Martin) (Canadian .mil contractor)

MISC (Germany’s central bank) (Johnson&Johnson) (Country-Wide Insurance Company) (Bay Area Rapid Transport) (Law firm) (Law firm) (Law firm) (Law firm) (Law firm) (Law firm) (Law firm) (Law firm) (NBC Universal) (Tribune Media) (Media owner)