Friday, September 2, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau Just Might Be True

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use them."
Philip K. Dick

“...we didn’t assume any answer, but investigated all possibilities and let the facts reveal the truth.”
Gerald R. Ford
Last Forward
The Warren Commission Report

Recently I saw the movie, The Adjustment Bureau based on the Philip K. Dick story. Simply, it’s a tale about a mysterious group of Gentlemen in suits and hats that go about tinkering with the thoughts and lives of individuals to change the course of history--both on a macro and micro level. The story takes off when the hero (Matt Damon) stumbles upon the Adjustment Bureau secretly at work and through them finds out that a woman he has recently met is not in the Plan and the Bureau is at work breaking up the relationship, supposedly, for the betterment of them both. Thus begins the classic narrative struggle, the lone man pitted against a powerful group. A story that commonly plays out in real life.

There is much to digest in this film and many mysteries abound. Such as, how does the Adjustment Bureau know enough about future events that their manipulations are going to get the end result? What is the true nature of a Free Will? In fact, Free Will is the main thread of the story.

There is a sense with the assassinations of the 1960’s that an Adjustment Bureau was at work in the deaths of those leaders. As if these men, The Kennedy's, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X–were going to bring about a future that a certain group of “others” did not desire. But then, how could they possibly know how the future would play out? Just because they feel it? One must assume they are not seers. Obviously the powerful never want to lose their position on the board so they make their moves. Apostle Paul defined faith as, “the evidence of things unseen...” Unseen maybe, but just as real or just as real as a threat. The perception of reality is a reoccurring theme in Philip K. Dick’s literary work.

Seemingly, if an Adjustment Bureau exists it has been successful in its attempts to manipulate the future. When JFK was killed they got their war in Viet Nam along with the profiteering. Lyndon Johnson, his successor overturns almost all of Kennedy’s policies except for the moon mission and ushers in the war on poverty and the hopeless Viet Nam bog-down.

And how different would America be if John Kennedy, and the other slain leaders had lived out their natural life spans? One can only speculate but how things could have been different if Kennedy had a second term to continue his attempt to rein in the various Fiefdoms that had grown up at the feet of the National Security State (and to a national extent, his brother’s prosecution of organized crime figures). His loss was our loss. Because now, the government of the Republic has grown into a massive criminal enterprise capable of high treason, unbridled greed, and departments that work as agents of oppression. The People have lost control of it. All one has to do is read the recent story of the government raid of the highly respected Gibson Guitar company, with armed Federal thugs shutting down all three of Gibson’s manufacturing facilities, detaining shop employees and demanding they answer questions without council present and with the added threat of imprisonment if they didn’t answer. A blatantly illegal and tyrannical act. The government goons rush in with loaded guns drawn as if they are raiding a back-alley meth lab. It boggles the mind that something like this could happen in America. But it is happening. The farmers producing raw milk have suffered identical raids too, guns drawn on these hapless men. In twelve states people are being arrested under wire tapping laws for videoing police.

I doubt seriously if JKF would approve of something like this, nor his brother Robert. Or for that matter, the Founders. But this is what we’ve come down to with Kennedy’s failure to rein in these Strongmen. As soon as John Kennedy was elected president he ran head-on into one of the main Strongmen–the Central Intelligence Agency. The Bay of Pigs fiasco was the result of a CIA run military operation that Kennedy decided not to go along with. At the same time, the CIA was controlling all military operations in Indochina. Even down to this very day, they are still running operations. The boys at Langley can fire missiles remotely from drones anywhere in the Middle East and kill whomever they want and do so with little oversight.

This brings to the fore, how does one prosecute the State for crimes? If elements of the government killed John F. Kennedy just as the Roman Senators killed Caesar, then how are any of them brought to justice? How about never? My point being, once the State could commit a crime of this magnitude and get away with it there are no boundaries left and the end result spins away to madness, tyranny and even bolder acts. To me, the Gibson raid is sign we’ve reached a new plateau in the march towards despotism and general loss of liberty. By doing this one act, the State has declared all of us to be its servants and the service to the People is of no consequence.

Philip K. Dick’s issue of the, “manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words” is accurate for the age we live in as it has been through human history. It’s a common technique of all politicians. Notice the follow up quote by Gerald R. Ford from his final revised Forward to the Warren Report. Former Warren Commission member Ford was apparently a pro at manipulating reality with words.

In my article, “Jerry Ford Beats A Dead Horse” I show the many contradictions in his final comments on the subject. He was so ensconced in the manipulation of words that he falters embarrassingly, to the point of appearing to be a tottering old fool. Ford was responsible for moving Kennedy’s back wound up five inches to his neck to add credence to the single bullet theory and has the effrontery to present this to the public as a fact. Ford would defend his actions years later by saying, "My changes were only an attempt to be more precise." Yes, precise if you are writing a novel but this is supposed to be a report of a criminal investigation into the homicide of a President. For Gerald Ford, a “fact” in the Kennedy assassination is whatever the main players say it is, real or imagined. Who knows, maybe he said it enough to believe it himself while dismissing the rest of us as “armchair investigators” for sticking to the real facts not filtered through politics. Ford acts as if the Adjustment Bureau agents from the movie waved their magic wand over his head and manipulated his thoughts but in ways that make little sense to anyone except to those also compromised.

And the Discovery Channel is into this as well. Their recent show on the Secret Service stated that the outfit is still “...haunted by Lee Harvey Oswald, the lone sniper that killed President Kennedy.” No, no... Lee Harvey Oswald is the alleged lone sniper that allegedly killed President Kennedy. This has been going on for years. Oswald’s guilt was never determined in a court of law. His case was never presented to a jury. It’s the repeating of lie over and over again till it doesn’t matter what the truth is. It’s another form of using words to change reality. I think Mr. Dick had it spot on.

If there is a real Adjustment Bureau, not the kind of the movie but an established cabal, good thing it can’t get to all of us. The Internet provides a buffer. Fortunately, some of us they can never get to.

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