Friday, June 4, 2010

The Bane Of My Existence, He Said...

The title to this piece is a quote taken from a caller to George Noory’s Coast To Coast AM show from Thursday night that featured Linda Moulton Howe discussing various topics for the late night UFO crowd. The caller claimed to be the son of a Dallas medical examiner that served from 1969 to 1973 and also did work for the House Select Committee on Assassinations. He said his father knew Lee Oswald’s wife and mother. The caller seemed to be hinting of inside information into the JFK assassination and he used his insider approach to critique the JFK movie and cast doubts on the grassy knoll shot. (He brought up Kennedy’s back brace to limit the President’s movements for instance.) And for a while, he claimed, he was thusly involved with studying the death of Kennedy.

Overall, a good example of a disinformation agent (yes, I’m assuming this but just look up Operation Mockingbird) calling in to a talk show to sway the public because his information he provided, ultimately added nothing new to what actually happened. Even if the caller’s father was a medical examiner from the time he said, what new light could he possibly shed on the subject? It all went down in 1963. The autopsy was not done in Dallas, but at Bethesda Naval, a military instillation. If the Feds had obeyed Texas state law, Dr. Earl Rose would have done the autopsy. But that was not meant to be. So all evidence, including records, are whisked off to Washington to end up in the National Archives. There should be nothing of value left in Dallas for a later pathologist find out. Look at how much knowledge Dr. Rose did not have access to from being denied an investigation of Kennedy’s wounds. As if some Johnny-come-lately will? There is nothing the caller’s father could have known or added to what happened; he is too far out of the loop in time and geographical distance. Who would he know in the Coroners Office that would have anything additional on the subject since they didn’t do the autopsy?

And let me state for the record there is nothing wrong or suspicious with somebody having a differing opinion on the Kennedy assassination; but it gets my back up when someone calls into a radio program and starts making misleading statements . These disinformation agents (and those that disperse them) are banking that a person speaking authoritatively, while claiming deep connections, can shift the facts around for people who might have a basic knowledge of the subject. I admit, this guy was pretty good. Better than most. And the caller wasn’t done there; he then brought out his ballistics expertise not only of himself but his father as well. (Gee, these guys know how to cover all the bases!) He gave no qualifiers about the alleged ballistics knowledge. My whole point here is that he gave an account that was misleading on many levels and flat-out inaccurate on others. The story of his father simply doesn’t wash; we have no name to investigate further. So I must conclude it is another attempt to sway public opinion on a radio program that is heavy into conspiracy to begin with and is basically critical of most of the propaganda that the Federal government regurgitates.

And as usual they are very annoyed with Olivier Stone’s JFK movie. The caller took time to dismiss that as well, claiming that what people know about Kennedy’s fatal head wound they came from that movie. Never mind the Zapruder film is the true source, besides the multitude of witness testimony.

So ultimately, it is the “bane of existence” for the Government, via the National Security State, to keep the truth of the Kennedy assassination in deep cover. You would think they would give up over the years or cease talking about it but it is never ending. It is as if Hoover, Helms, Rankin, and other characters are still alive working the cover on this. Doubters are still called names and are still being marginalized. Old hacks like Vincent Bugliosi are hired to defend the Warren Commission with fat books of straw man theories and insults. They can’t even come up with new put-downs. They still use the “flat earth/tin foil hat” mockery.

So let us seekers of the truth continue the quest. I bet there is more buried here than a slain president. More than the truth. I bet it's something really far out.