Sunday, May 10, 2009

They Got Their Wish

The essential myth of the Kennedy assassination is that it is a random event—a random killing. But this myth denies an important factor and that is, as Peter Dale Scott asserts, the “deep politics” behind the assassination. A careful examination of John F. Kennedy’s policies shows that he defied the various fiefdoms that most people are unaware of in their daily lives. These fiefdoms are an odd combination of corporate businesses, organized crime lords, government agencies, and intelligence organizations. You can throw in a general group of overseas nation state enemies as well. The main nexus seems to be a cabal of corporate and intelligence entities. That’s why it’s hard to figure it out a conspiracy—there are so many suspects here it is difficult, if not impossible, to pin the crime on any one party.

It is undeniable fact that the death of John Kennedy resulted in numerous policies changes in our government. His death would benefit many and his death did benefit them all in the end. Within days of his death Lyndon B. Johnson was firing off one executive order after the other making numerous reversals of Kennedy administration policy.

So, a lone nut gunman shows up and kills a man with a legion of enemies. What do these men do now, sit back, smoke their cigars, drink their brandy and celebrate their good luck? I think not.

At the death of the King the other Kings had their wishes come true. And here are just a few:

The Texas Oilmen. JFK was in the process of getting rid of the Oil Depletion Allowance. His death put that off for years till it was finally ended in the early 1970’s.

The Mob. The death of JFK ended brother Bobby’s rein of terror on them. It was business as usual. Not even Hoover would return Bobby’s calls after that.

The Federal Reserve. Shortly after the assassination, LBJ signed the executive order taking all of the Treasury notes Kennedy issued, backed by silver and not credit (as under the Federal Reserve banking system) out of circulation. JFK remains the last President to issue currency through the Treasury (i.e., Constitutional money) backed by hard assets.

The Pentagon/National Security State. LBJ reverses Kennedy’s National Security Action Memorandum 263, which keeps troops in Vietnam indefinitely and ultimately escalating the war.

Brown and Root (Halliburton). Got the war they wanted to profit from.

The CIA. Didn’t have to ever have to worry again about Kennedy dismantling them.

Israel. Got the green light from LBJ to build nuclear weapons. JFK opposed this idea thinking it might lead to a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race.

Anti Castro Cubans. They get their revenge for the Bay of Pig fiasco and an end to behind the scenes secret talks with Castro.

Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover. Both men hated JFK and his brother deeply. Johnson got his dream job he had long lusted for in the Oval Office and Hoover got from Johnson an Executive Order that exempted him from Federal retirement regulations and made him basically FBI Director for life.

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