Monday, May 18, 2009

The Little Girl And The Missing Train

I got this interesting story from Len Hart, journalist of the award winning Existentialist Cowboy blog. He related to me an interview he had with Rosemary Willis. She is the little girl in the red dress seen skipping along Elm Street at the beginning of the Zapruder Film. Her parents and sister were all in Dealey Plaza that day. They were witnesses to that historical day in Dallas (who all claim they heard a shot fired from the grassy knoll). Her father Philip was there with his 35mm camera shooting slides (transparencies) of the plaza area, including the limousine as it turned on to Elm Street. Some of these images were published in Look magazine. Shortly thereafter, they were contacted by the FBI who wished to examine the slides. Some years passed before they got them back.

At first glance they noticed something wasn’t right with the returned photos. After careful examination of one slide in particular, the one that was published in the Look article, they found what was different. A train, visible in the Look photo behind the pergola was missing from the slide. Len Hart was shown both slide and the Look magazine photo when he was visiting with Rosemary Willis and verified the discrepancy to me. He estimates the photograph in question was taken around frame 190 of the Zapruder film.

This is an amazing find and one not widely reported in the annuals of JFK assassination research. Somebody apparently altered the original photograph, using the imaging technology of the day and removed the train from the background. They were a bit late as the original was by then published. If so, we have the government itself (in this case the FBI) performing the destruction of evidence in a murder investigation. A high crime and an act of treason.

What then, is the purpose of this? Was the train utilized in a conspiracy to assassinate the President? Could the train boxcar be used as a shooter’s platform? Perhaps a way of offering transportation, concealment, or escape for possible shooters?

A more careful examination is required on what was going on in the train yard at Dealey Plaza, what boxcars were positioned where, and what line-of-sight is available to the presidential limousine. Importantly, somebody somewhere, doesn’t want us to know what is going on here. But why?

The main component of this story is that it offers us something real. This is not triangulating shots in Dealey Plaza from hypothetical shooters who can never be named. This is something tangible you can hold in your hands and examine. You know something is not right here and the proof is right before your eyes. No sir, your jokes about me putting on my tin foil hat don’t make me feel small this time and only illustrates how you cannot handle the truth.

The truth is, evidence was destroyed while in government control. And that is a conspiracy.

Once again we can see that something is not quite right here with the official story. No wonder Richard Nixon said, when questioned about what he knew about the assassination by Senator Howard Baker, he replied, “You don’t want to know.”