Friday, May 6, 2016

The Yankee and Cowboy War

A fascinating book "The Yankee and Cowboy War" by the late Carl Oglesby, published in 1976, is about the turf wars between the Old Money and the New Money. Oglesby forges a link between the JFK assassination and Watergate. Read it free online. Otherwise, it's very expensive used on Amazon with hardcover versions listing for over $100.

One thing that caught my eye is how Oglesby defined how the Federal government actually works as he did in this excerpt below:

"The trick of how the invasion could come about nevertheless, how there could be a Bay of Pigs against the will of the president, is that the president is not an absolute monarch ruling a submissive bureaucracy. Rather, a “corporate” presidency is nested within the federal power grid along with a variety of institutional strongholds, such as the Pentagon, the CIA, the Department of Transportation, the Texas Railroad Commission, etc. The president in proper person is only one among many others on the larger board of national directors – a special stronghold clearly but by no means the only power source on the scene. The presidency of the corporate state is the presidency of factional and bureaucratic coalitions that can weaken, grow old and brittle, fail in crises. The tragedy of Frontier Camelot, whose prince is said to have sought the presidency “because it’s where the action’s at,” unfolds in the princes gradual discovery of the corporate and limited nature of his office, then more particularly of its relative weakness against the will of the clandestine establishments of defense and security."

The Yankee and Cowboy War, by Carl Oglesby, HERE