Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Predictive Programming - JFK Style

“The CIA is not a rogue organization."  
- John Brennan, CIA Director

"Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by TPTB."   

Psychological warfare has been in operation since the early wars of human history.  Of late it's been redefined as "predictive programming" based on the idea that underground ideas from the Ruling Class, that are to implemented, are being "seeded" to the public via the mass media in movies, TV shows, novels, news broadcasts, blogs and so on. 

In many instances not actual warfare but more as a tool to disrupt the moral of an enemy army.  It's said to be an essential tool of a tyrannical government to subdue a captive public and its also said to have a pervasive influence is seen in the media, the internet, and the daily operations of government.  It's particularly evident in movies and TV shows where symbols and memes are employed often.  

But does predictive programming in movies or TV shows really forecast future events?  There is a lot of debate on that. Just because the first episode of the Lone Gunmen features a plot to hijack a commercial airliner and ram it into the Twin Towers does not mean the public is being conditioned for the real thing to happen.  How could it?  In this instance, it seems more coincidental, merely a plot device.  The notion has been out there a long time.  Tom Clancy used an airliner crash into the Capital building in one of his novels.  Yet, hidden messages are there and prevalent in popular media. 

Regardless, psychological conditioning seems a more app phrase.  Whether it works or not they believe it does.  All intelligence agency's utilize it.  David Philips, deeply involved in the history of the assassination started out as a propaganda expert and was a specialist in psychological operations.  The main purpose of propaganda is psychological, to influence people along a certain line of thought.  If that doesn't work then they use other methods. Obviously not everybody is fooled and that is when the ridicule starts.

What follows is a look into how predictive programming was used for build up to the Kennedy assassination and on incident in particular.

Ralph Yates
Air conditioning repair tech Ralph Yates was on his way to his job one morning two days before the assassination when he picked up a young man hitchhiking. The guy had a long package in his arm which Yates recommended he put in the back of his truck.  The young man declined saying they were curtain rods.  Later as he drove on the guy started discussing the President's upcoming trip to Dallas and asking Yates was it possible to have a assassin with a high powered rifle take shot at his motorcade from the windows of the surrounding buildings. Yates assumed so.  At that point the hitchhiker took out a photo of himself holding a long rifle in one hand with a knife in the other, and a pistol strapped to his waist.  Yates agreed that a rifle like that could take out a President if equipped with a scope.  Finally, he let the young fellow off at the corner of Houston and Elm.  Yes, right at the Texas Schoolbook Depository Building with Oswald inside at the very same time.

If this account is true, this meeting of Ralph Yates with the hitchhiker contains all of the major elements of the legend the Warren Commission will build for the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  You have the curtain rods package which is a disguise for the rifle, the picture which simulates the famous backyard photo of Oswald holding the alleged murder weapon, a discussion of how to assassinate someone from an open widow in a high-rise building, and finally, the young man being dropped off at the corner of the very building that will be the center of the whole event.  (It should be noted that Yates told authorities that this fellow did not resemble Oswald.)

If the assassination of Kennedy is not a conspiracy then what is going on here?  Many of the major elements of the official government narrative of Kennedy's murder are cast before the event happens.  Ralph Yates gets to work and relates to a fellow co-worker his encounter with this strange kid.  In turn, more people most likely heard the tale.  The spell is cast.  It is now in circulation and will come to fruition in two days.  The psychological conditioning for the upcoming assassination is now in play.  At least for one man.

However, it is not known what good all of this is.  Why would replicating facts from a future event and telling one man about it have any actual effect?  It might have some greater success if more people had these encounters. Regardless to what end, the forces that conduct these operations believe it works.   Apparently the conspiracy was carefully planned with outlying activities on the side meant to mold the public mind.  Just like the reversed frames from the Zapruder published in Life magazine implying a shot from the rear, which ironically, were published in the same exact wrong sequence in the Warren Commission's 26 volumes. 

Oswald had to be the lone gunman, from early on, and nothing else was ever going to matter after that.

It is unknown how many people had encounters with this hitchhiker.  Or if there were other young men like him in the Dallas area doing what amounts to an Oswald role playing game.  If there are other witnesses to this type of encounter, it would be helpful to investigators if they came forward with their stories.  

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