Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lee H. Oswald’s Name Missing From SSDI

As pointed out to me by researcher John Armstrong, after doing a search, found that Lee H. Oswald’s name is not listed in the Social Security Death Index. The index is the public list of deceased persons who have been removed from the SSA records and their numbers retired. Yet the man accused of murdering the president of the United States is not listed.  Why? 

It’s another long list of anomalies associated with this man so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  It reminds me of when his widow Marina applied for her survivor’s benefits and the SSA only acknowledged two years, 1962-1963.  Yes, Oswald had worked part time jobs from a teenager, put three years in the Marines, and was employed over two years in the Soviet Union.  All ignored.  

Oswald’s birth certificate has never been released either.  Not the real one.  The “Declaration of Birth” released by the FBI in the late 1970’s is a fraud.  That type only issued by the state of Louisiana for people born at home, without an attending physician.  Oswald was born in a city hospital attended to by a Dr. Mancuso.  His mother sold her house to him.  I would say that birth certificate is a fraud.

Never the less, you can try it out for yourself HERE.