Friday, November 21, 2014

Lee and Marina Chronology - 1962 to 1963

Lee and Marina Oswald Timeline - June 1962 thru November 1963

June 14, 1962: The Oswalds arrive in Fort Worth, where they move in with Robert.

July 14, 1962: The Oswalds move in with Marguerite at 1501 W. 7th Street in Fort Worth.

August 10, 1962: The Oswalds move to 2703 Mercedes St. in Fort Worth.  Marina claims abuse at this point.

Early October: Marina and June move in with Gary and Alexandra Taylor at 3519 Fairmont (Apt #12), Dallas, for 4 days.  Alexandra is George De Mohrenschildt’s daughter. 

October 7, 1962: Marina and June move in with Mrs. Elena Hall at 4760 Trail Lake Drive, Ft. Worth, while LHO looks for work in Dallas.

October 15, 1962: LHO moves into the YMCA.  (Lee’s whereabouts unknown from 10/9 thru 10/14)

November 4, 1962: The Oswalds are reunited at 604 Elsbeth St. in Dallas, where LHO had found an apartment.

November 5, 1962: The Oswald’s have a violent argument, and Marina and June move in with their friends, Teofil and Anna Meller.  They live at 5930 LaVista Drive, Dallas.

November 10, 1962: Marina and June move to the apartment of Declan and Katya Ford, at 14057 Brookcrest, Dallas

November 17, 1962: Marina and June spend the day at the home of Mrs. Frank (Valentina) Ray. LHO calls and asks to visit Marina, who agrees to return to him. They return to the Elsbeth St. address that night.

March 2, 1963: The Oswalds move to an apartment on 214 West Neely Street, Dallas

April 24, 1963: LHO arrives in New Orleans and stays with his aunt Lillian Murret. 

April 29, 1963: Marina and June move in with Ruth Paine in Paine’s residence at 2515 W. 5th St, Irving, TX

May 11, 1963: LHO starts work (R. Coffee) and he, Marina and June move into their apartment at 4905 Magazine St., New Orleans.

September 23, 1963: Ruth with Marina and June leave for Irving and arrive on the 24th.

September 26, 1963 begins LHO’s trip to Mexico City.

October 4, 1963: LHO arrives in Dallas and stays with Marina and June at the Paine’s residence in Irving.

October 14, 1963: Ruth drives LHO to Dallas, where he later registers as O.H. Lee at a rooming house on 1026 North Beckley.