Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lots of Good Interviews and Talk at Black Op Radio

One of the best sites to hear interviews on conspiracy research is Black Op Radio.  Now that founder Len Osanic offers free MP3s of interviews you can download and listen to your heart's content and not only that, but you can carry it around with you on your iPod or phone.

Some recent interviews feature top researchers such as Mark De Valk, editor of Dealey Plaza UK and Dealey Plaza Echo, Rose Lynn Mangan and CTKA searchers Jim DiEugenio and Seamus Coogan, among many others (including yours truly) and noted conspiracy thinkers such as comedian and actor Richard Belzer.

Go to the 2012 Archive HERE.  Go HERE for the archived interviews on Video.

Want to be better informed?  Go to Black Op Radio and listen and watch!