Sunday, December 13, 2009

And The Strongman Cometh To Taketh It All Away

Immediately after the assassination of the John F. Kennedy, several remarkable events happened in quick succession.

The first event, largely unknown for years afterward was the ceremonial giving of the evidence collected by the Dallas Police Department to the FBI, four days after the assassination. Notice the word “ceremonial.” Because this was not the first awarding of evidence to the FBI. It had actually occurred within 24 hours of the assassination. The FBI arrived in Dallas took everything and whisked it off to Washington, DC. Where they did God knows what with it. We know things are missing; other items are misnamed or not numbered properly; other items would not be known of till decades later. It is here the chain of evidence is broken forever. But it hints at a larger, behind the scenes machinations of our ruling class and how they took for granted our trust of them. The chain of evidence was not the only thing broken after the Kennedy assassination. So was the confidence of the people in the law enforcement authorities to do the right thing.

The second event, though far more clandestine and mysterious, was the removing of certain records. An unnamed FBI agent arrived at Stripling Junior High in Ft. Worth, Texas on the morning of the 23rd, less than 24 hours after the assassination. He was there to retrieve the school records of a Lee Harvey Oswald from the assistant principle, Frank Kudlaty. This Lee Oswald had attended Stripling in the fall of 1954 for a period of six weeks. Oddly, the file contained no grade transcripts from the pervious school, nor a letter of record of where the Stripling records were sent. If not for his brother Robert’s testimony, and that of his mother before the Warren Commission, the knowledge of Lee Oswald attending Stripling in the fall of 1954 would never have been known to to anyone. Because in 1954 at Beauregard Junior High, in New Orleans, there was another Lee Harvey Oswald attending there as well. There were no missing days totaling six weeks in his attendance records, nor was he found to be truant during this time. A fissure appeared in the dam and it had to be sealed.

And the Strongman cometh to taketh it all away...

The Convergence
So here we have the convergence of two separate events done in secret. I could have probably picked several more since so many unusual incidents surround the death of a president Kennedy. I picked these two because they are the closest to each other in style of operation. Despite the shock, confusion, and horror, of having a president gunned down in broad daylight, there are many wheels already rapidly set in motion. A hint of preplanning? Obviously for the FBI to send an agent to confiscate school records the day after, there was a foreknowledge of said records. To have another agent receive Oswald’s personal effects the day after shows rapid movement to control the leaking of information. The founding of the Warren Commission was to circumvent any other investigations in the works, such as by Congress and the Dallas Police Department.

Since the advent of the JFK Records Act we now have enough documents to show that Director Hoover had memos sent to him and that he sent memos to other departments in regards to Oswald being impersonated as far back as 1960. In a telephone transcript from the day after the assassination Hoover tells LBJ there was somebody impersonating Oswald during his alleged trip to Mexico City. He mentioned agents familiar with Oswald’s voice that could not identify him speaking in the recorded conversations. Near panic must have set in as the
need arose to put a lid on this before it blows out of control. On the 29th of November, the Warren Commission is formed. The course is now set.

In fact the way the FBI is acting in the Kennedy murder is very similar to their actions before, during, and after the attacks of 9-11. Under the official story, as written in the 9/11 Commission Report: “The CVRs and FDRs from American 11 and United 175” - the two planes that hit the Trade Center - “were not found.”

Since then, New York City firefighter Nicholas DeMasi and volunteer Mike Bellone, have come forward to claim they were responsible for finding three of the four Flight Data Recorders and were told to keep quiet about it. They only came forward when they heard the FBI’s claims that no black boxes were ever found. It is good that men like DeMasi and Bellone are still around. Men that honor truth and seek justice. But men like them are often crushed.

And the Strongman cometh to taketh it all away...

It is reminiscent of similar public statements by J. Edgar Hoover that they had no prior knowledge of Oswald when in fact, they had been watching him closely ever since his defection in 1959 till his death in 1963 and had maintained an extensive file on him. We know through the JFK Records Act, the ARRB and other sources, that the FBI had dozens of documents on this guy, including memos from the Office of Naval Intelligence, interviews with friends and family, reports from the State Department and so on. But it was more than that, as the Texas Attorney General discovered he was an FBI informant. When Oswald was arrested in New Orleans after his street scuffle with members of the DRE, he requested to speak with an FBI agent. And one did show up to talk to a man that had been arrested for simply disturbing the peace, hardly something the FBI would normally concern themselves with. A hint of previous involvement with each other? Apparently so. Most importantly, Lee Oswald was on the FBI’s Security Index and was incredibly removed off the list on October 9. That has never been explained. Interestingly documents show that they kept their interest in Oswald and his family, closely watching his and their, movements right up until the final moments before the assassination. The FBI single handily provided the biggest cover-up for what happened. They painted more whitewash than the CIA did and they had a lot of cover since they were working with Oswald for years. All of these denials that were issued by Hoover at the time are now easily proven false. Their method of operation never changes. Just go and try to find the black boxes.

The Strong Man got his reward in 1965 when LBJ signed the executive order that exempted J. Edgar Hoover from Federal retirement regulations and basically made him Director for life. A mean, vindictive man, he would go on to use the power of his office not so much to bring criminals to justice but to also attack those whom he hated. Such as Dr. Martin Luther King, with those insidious wiretaps and blackmail threats. Not to mention the dozens of others he had smeared and blackmailed along the way.

Some men know the truth and honor it and seek to expose it to the chagrin of Kings. Other men know the truth and seek to bury it on order of the Kings they serve. But the truth always outs.

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