Friday, September 12, 2008

Discovery Channel JFK Card Game

I don’t know of any documentary recreation of the Kennedy assassination that does not play loose with the facts. They have to or else their simulations, which always confirm the government’s biased lone gunman conclusion, won’t fly.

A case in point was posted on YouTube,com by Bob Harris, regarding a video clip from a Discovery Channel documentary on the JKF assassination. One of those, “let’s see what the truth is” programs which always culminates in proving the government’s point. I saw a similar one the other night, which may have been the same show, which I will comment on later.

At the link below you will find a clip from the show on YouTube that shows a test shot of two test manikins. Using the same angle, the same rifle and so on, a tester will duplicate the shots and the timing. The strange part comes when the test shot is fired, the double-duty shot, into the Kennedy and Connolly manikins. It clearly hits the upper back as the announcer states that bullet is passing through the neck. Now, this is peculiar. Even stranger, they illustrate the path of the bullet by using a bold, red line. Huh? What gives? By stating that the bullet passes through the neck they must be taking that from the Warren Commission’s report of the rear neck wound, which is now known to be false. Kennedy was hit in the upper back area, near the shoulder blade. Google the autopsy pictures and you’ll see it.

Do the producers of this program think their viewers are this stupid? That they are not going to see the bullet’s path and know it wasn’t hitting the neck? How did this mistake get through the production staff?

As I said earlier, I got in on the last 20 minutes of a Discovery Channel documentary the other night. Entitled, “Unsolved History: JFK - Beyond the Magic Bullet” it was one of those shows dedicated to uncovering facts in the Kennedy assassination using a recreation of events, timing the routes of Oswald after the assassination, the time it took to fire the rifle and so on. One researcher claimed it was best not to believe anybody starting out whether they are conspiracy believers or the Warren report. Never the less, they came to same conclusion the government does. They always do, without fail.

And as usual, they cherry pick what they represent, leaving out the mysterious bits so they can provide the viewer with a nice, simple story. Just like the Warren Commission did. For example, they do a timing recreation of Oswald after he shot the rifle and made it down from the sixth floor to the second floor, seen drinking a Coke. What they ignore is the time Oswald took to hide the rifle. When the police finally found the weapon, it was hidden under two heavy boxes of books, behind a wall of even more boxes. The time this took is never documented in the simulation and in the reenactment, the gun is simply laid down on the floor. They clearly show the Oswald actor handling the gun in various places yet only Oswald’s palm print was found on the barrel. Did Oswald use a rag to wipe the weapon down first? If so, more time taken up completing that task. They also fail to mention that the FBI did a similar test and failed to meet the time quota the Discovery Channel program succeeded at.

Nice try Discovery Channel, but no cigar. Shame on you for letting down the public again in regards to the truth. Of course Warren Commission did too.