Sunday, July 13, 2008

Parallels Between the JFK Assassination and 9-11

The first person killed on that fateful September morning in 2001 was Daniel Lewin. He was seated in first class with Mohammad Atta and boys on Flight 11. When the hijacking started, Satam Al Suqami rose and allegedly shot him, though the account of whether he was shot or sliced with a box cutter is at best hazy. It was the dawn of a new century and for all intents and purposes it starts here with the death of one man.

Danny Lewin was an entrepreneur, best known for co-founding the Internet company, Akamai Technologies. However, Lewin was former Israeli commando that had served in the Sayeret Matkal, a top-secret counter-terrorist unit that specialized in combating plane hijackings. Interesting. What are the odds of a counter-terrorist expert, a man that probably killed his fair share of terrorists in the service of his country, doing seated among his vary adversaries? Our government told us that they had no prior knowledge of the attacks. Right. Was Lewin there as an observer in case things got out of control? Or was this some type of covert operation that Lewin was overseeing just to be double-crossed and killed by his operatives? I find it hard to believe it was mere chance that placed him there, on that plane, with those men.

The real parallel between the 9-11 attacks and the Kennedy assassination lie in the intelligence connections. Peter Dale Scott has coined the phrase, “deep events” to better describe what is happening. He documents how deep events—those actions brought about by hidden maneuvering—have threads all through the assassinations of the sixties and the various wars that have been fought through the decades. Deep events can help to explain the anomalies, the appearance of conspiracy, the cover-ups, the sham investigations, the kooky theories, and so on. The truth can never be fully unveiled as it opens up too many cans of warms.

Former CIA officer Joan Roman admitted to researchers in 1995 that the CIA had an “keen interest” in regards to Oswald (officially, they still deny any interest). The CIA did the same thing in regards to hijackers, Khalid al-Mihdar and Nawaz al Hazmi. Though still highly classified, it is known that the CIA was playing around with both men, hoping to use them in operations and probably did. Meanwhile, the FBI had been trying to recruit both of them. The CIA does not tell the FBI what they are doing with these men, as they don’t want anyone poking around in their business. The old, “need to know basis” came into play here and ultimately became a great detriment to the safety of our country and the lives of our citizens.

Just as CIA officials lied to Warren Commission and later to the House Select Committee on Assassinations on what they knew about Oswald prior to the killing of Kennedy, they also lied in regards to what they knew about the hijackers. George Tenet told the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9-11 that information linking al-Mihdar to Tewfiq bin Attash, (who masterminded the Cole bombing) had been given to the FBI. Later, the 9-11 Commission would mull this over and decided this was not the case. Tenet would not be rebuked for his deceptions. It’s as if the same spirit possesses them all down through the ages.

The 9-11 Commission’s report makes the Warren Commission report look like an exercise in open government. Because at least with their report, the collected evidence was published in 26 volumes so independent researchers could investigate the facts. (Which by the way, contradict the official report.) Allen Dulles wasn’t worried about this causing any difficulty as he assumed nobody would be interested in going through them all. Yet people did. The overlords once again think we possess no wit. With the 9-11 Commission’s alleged investigation there would be no volumes of evidence to go examine. It was their word or nothing. Maybe in 30 years we’ll learn more.

This time around they tidied up their act with president Bush making sure he had his own man, Philip Zelikow, as executive director to control the flow of the investigation and decide what evidence and witness testimony would be cherry picked to complete the narrative. It addressed none of the major issues, issued unnecessary details, had selective amnesia in not reporting president Bush’s delays and obstructions to the Commission, failed to mention Al Queda’s CIA and MI5 origins, and featured none of the conflicts in the testimony such as the Mineta’s contradiction of Cheney’s timeline. It would garner the nickname, “The 9-11 Omission Commission.” Apply so. Never the less, the mainstream press accepted the report with little complaint as they did the Warren Commission Report when it was released.

The cover up of the Kennedy assassination is systemic in our government and what we can best define as the National Security State. The 9-11 cover up continues the tradition though this time around it’s more insidious. It’s deeper and darker and more secretive. This tragedy resulted in legislation like the Patriot Act, which basically gives government unfettered access to spy on every citizen. The Military Commissions Act and many others have strengthened it, granting the president dictatorial powers. Our fear should not be the next terror attack, but what our government's reaction to it will be.

The end result of the killing of John F. Kennedy was a policy change that led to an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation, based on a fraudulent incident in the Tonkin Gulf. The end result of the 9-11 was an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation, based on fraudulent intelligence. And the Masters of War profit once again.

Come now people. When shall ye arise?

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